Now that Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers have miraculously disappeared, and the bathroom scale is shouting at me to get off… it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. I know a lot of you already have your shopping done, but I prefer to put it off until December so I can consolidate all of that stress into three short weeks.

However I got to thinking… having spent this past year reconnecting with old friends and family on Facebook, why not use this “social network” (which I truly don’t like) to effortlessly get out a holiday greeting card. No time spent addressing envelopes, no stamps, no stress…

So here it is! Just click on the link below and you’ll instantly be swept into the holiday spirit with pictures of our girls taken with Santa over the years.

Enjoy… and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Christmas Cards sent… check (stress level a little lower)


PS: You know Sandi will never let me get away with this… I’m sure the more traditional mailing of the cards is in my near future.