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Not interested in the narratives of our trip? Looking for an easier way to watch our adventures? Here’s a list of quick links to just the videos.

Travel Day – Seattle to London to Manchester

Manchester Day 1

Bus Ride to Southport

Our UK Kickoff Dinner – We all got together for a big dinner at The Forge in Southport

Royal Lytham and St. Annes

Royal Liverpool

Royal Birkdale (my favorite course)

Birthday Air Show – Yes, the Southport locals threw an air show just for my birthday complete with the Red Arrows. I’m sure it was for me.

Travel Day to Turnberry

Royal Troon


The Turnberry Short Course – In front of the hotel is a 12 hole pitch and putt. Perfect for a bunch of friends from Fairwood.

Turnberry Ailsa

Travel to St. Andrews

St. Andrews Old Course 

Carnoustie Golf Links

Kingsbarns (my second favorite course)

St. Andrews – New Course

Wow! A total of 18 videos. Each video is only a couple of minutes in length. If you haven’t seen any of them, it’s not a huge time commitment. If you’ve seen a few, here’s your chance to catch the ones you’ve missed.




After finally getting some sleep last night (we only slept for about 4 hours in the past 30) we gathered for a quick walking tour of Manchester. Our hotel is located on Water Street near the central part of the city. First stop on our agenda… Starbucks. Arriving at 9:15 we discovered they don’t open until 9:30. Imagine a Starbucks not opening until after 7:00. Sacrilege!

Leaving Starbucks we took our life in our hands as we walked further into the city. It is quite difficult to cross a street and remember to look right for on coming traffic rather than the traditional US version of looking left. I just never expect cars to be coming from the opposite direction.

The weather report was for glorious sun. Unfortunately just 15 minutes into our walk the rains began and we ducked into some doorways for cover. Larry urged us to keep going and in short going we discovered a very large shopping mall. Armed with our new umbrellas, we were ready to once again hit the streets of Manchester. Exiting the mall we discovered the “Eye of Manchester. Ok, not really the Eye and maybe not quite like the Eye of London, but still an impressive Ferris wheel in the heart of the city. What better place to go and spot a few pubs!

IMGA0208  IMGA0229

Which is exactly what we did and the rest of the day was spent “hitting the pubs” followed by a nap. There is such a fine line between taking a nap and passing out.


For the record I also purchased a messenger bag to use to carry my computer to Starbucks. It is a messenger bag, not a purse, not a European “carry all”, not a “man bag” it is a messenger bag. Unless I put my wallet and cell phone into it, it is NOT a purse. And so what if I do…

P1010118 [1024x768]

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