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Well I guess it is time to finally test the WordPress app out. Not that I’m planning on going anywhere exciting any time soon. Here’s a shot of the Space Needle from my office.


Kalama High School–Day 1

On Thursday I was driving back from Portland to Seattle and passing through Kalama. Since I knew I was going to need gas at some point, I decided to stop in Kalama and do my part for the local economy… buying over priced “freeway” gas. I guess it’s the premium you pay for the easy off– easy on convenience of a freeway gas station. (But I digress).

As many of you know, I moved from Evergreen High School in Seattle to Kalama High School my senior year. Yes it was a culture shock and while some have said that when I moved the average IQ of both schools went up; I’m not sure that is true and would never want to take back my year in Kalama. (But I digress).

As I was driving into town I thought back to my first day of my senior year. I had moved to Kalama before my parents so I could participate in football. It had always been my dad’s dream to see his son play football and with only one year to go, it was either play or forever crush that dream. (I think I’m digressing again). During the weeks before school started, I would drive into town from the Kalama river twice a day for practice. Yes, even Kalama had “2 a days”. To give you an idea of the size of Kalama, there was a stop sign at one end of town and another at the other end… and I think I could throw a rock while standing next to one and hit the other. For electricity, I think they ran an extension cord in from Longview. Ok, it wasn’t that small, but coming from Seattle it felt like it.

So it’s the first day of school… I know, you thought I’d never get there didn’t you! And for lunch they had what was called an “open campus” meaning you could actually leave school and go somewhere for lunch. Not a concept I was familiar with. In Seattle if you left school and got caught; you could count on a few days suspension. (But I digress) So there we are in the parking lot and they are explaining this “open campus” thing and said “Let’s go into town for lunch”.

Now I have to tell you, when I first heard those words; I thought that I had some how completely missed the REAL City of Kalama… That the small town street I had always assumed was “town” was just an older run down section and the REAL town was just over the hill to the south… a hill I had never even considered going over… and just over that hill was the CITY of Kalama. So I eagerly jumped into the car and we headed down the hill and into “town”. Excitement was building as I wondered what this CITY of Kalama would look like.

Well we didn’t turn left and go over the hill to the south. We got to the edge of the freeway overpass, turned right on a frontage road and stopped in front of the Burger Bar. Not the one you see in this picture… this is the NEW Burger Bar with sit down tables and lots of parking. The old one is still there  next to the grocery store and it’s walk up window, although it’s all boarded up now. I made lots of good friends in Kalama and would spend my summers there during my college years, but I still laugh when I think back to that moment… and the realization that this “town” was now my home.

New Burger Bar - Kalama

Search for a latte

I’m a bit behind in updating some things. This picture was actually from November 28.

Its day 1 in the new office and I’ll be in search of the best place to find a latte. No Starbucks nearby but 3 small local joints. The closest is Essential Baking Company. It has a bad rap for being slow but today I’m there shortly after 7:00 and there’s no one else in line.

The latte was really quite good with a fancy design in the foam.

Others who went later confirmed it was indeed slow but hey, we’re in Fremont now. Set your watch back 15 minutes and chill.


World Clock Tracks It All

Electronic Holiday Greetings

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers have miraculously disappeared, and the bathroom scale is shouting at me to get off… it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. I know a lot of you already have your shopping done, but I prefer to put it off until December so I can consolidate all of that stress into three short weeks.

However I got to thinking… having spent this past year reconnecting with old friends and family on Facebook, why not use this “social network” (which I truly don’t like) to effortlessly get out a holiday greeting card. No time spent addressing envelopes, no stamps, no stress…

So here it is! Just click on the link below and you’ll instantly be swept into the holiday spirit with pictures of our girls taken with Santa over the years.

Enjoy… and Merry Christmas to everyone.

Christmas Cards sent… check (stress level a little lower)


PS: You know Sandi will never let me get away with this… I’m sure the more traditional mailing of the cards is in my near future.


I wish there was a way for our televisions to know that we’ve already voted. That way we would be spared the incisive rhetoric that continues to plague the airwaves and watch more commercials with relevancy… like the E-Trade baby or Jack… CEO of Jack In the Box!

I completely get it! You believe your opponent is an unethical idiot with no redeeming qualities what so ever… but couldn’t you have just a few TV spots that highlight what you believe is necessary to solve today’s problems? Do you really believe we’re too stupid to understand your point of view? Don’t just say “Had I been in office last year, I would have voted differently”… that’s too easy. Maybe unemployment didn’t go down in the last two years, but let’s face it… if nothing had been done, who’s to say it wouldn’t have gone to 20%? Certainly not you.

Well my votes have been cast… so leave me alone. I’m tired of hearing about your opponent and their ineptness. I can’t wait for the day someone gets elected because they are more concerned about us, rather than just trying to get elected or stay elected.

This was written a few days ago and I’ve continued to suffer through the rhetoric… at least it’s over!

The Shanks?

If you’re a golfer, you’ve had this happen to you. The dreaded “S” word. The shanks! Tin Cup almost made it look humorous. But when it’s happening to you, there isn’t a more helpless feeling… well other than the yips but that’s another story.

So this isn’t about how you get them, how you cure them, or how you help someone that has them. (Geez, sounds more like a terrible disease) This is about where the name came from. Who was it that decided a miss-hit golf shot should be called a “shank”?

Now I don’t know who it was, but I have a theory. On our recent trip to Scotland I was standing in front of the urinal in the Men’s Locker Room at Royal Troon… and I noticed the manufacturer of the plumbing fixture was Armitage Shanks. And I got to thinking… is it possible the term Shank came from the very fixture I was… ummmm… watering. And it’s been bothering me ever since. Is it possible that at some point in the distant past, some guy was standing here… went out to the first tee… saw a guy hit a shot off the hozzle… and said this guys game was in the “Shanks”? Meaning of course his game was in the toilet. And from that point forward to the present day… an absolutely horrible golf shot off the hozzle became know as a Shank.

Of course, if anyone else has another idea, I’d love to hear it.

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