I wish there was a way for our televisions to know that we’ve already voted. That way we would be spared the incisive rhetoric that continues to plague the airwaves and watch more commercials with relevancy… like the E-Trade baby or Jack… CEO of Jack In the Box!

I completely get it! You believe your opponent is an unethical idiot with no redeeming qualities what so ever… but couldn’t you have just a few TV spots that highlight what you believe is necessary to solve today’s problems? Do you really believe we’re too stupid to understand your point of view? Don’t just say “Had I been in office last year, I would have voted differently”… that’s too easy. Maybe unemployment didn’t go down in the last two years, but let’s face it… if nothing had been done, who’s to say it wouldn’t have gone to 20%? Certainly not you.

Well my votes have been cast… so leave me alone. I’m tired of hearing about your opponent and their ineptness. I can’t wait for the day someone gets elected because they are more concerned about us, rather than just trying to get elected or stay elected.

This was written a few days ago and I’ve continued to suffer through the rhetoric… at least it’s over!