Well I finally decided to do it. I’m going from XP to Win 7. I figure when my IT group decides to start coordinating a launch, it’s time to give this some serious consideration. I actually started planning for the process a few months ago when I asked for (and received) a network back up drive for Father’s Day. Yep,  back in June. There are some things you just can’t rush and a Windows 7 Upgrade seemed like one of those things that was better off in the planning stages.

But with the latest Windows Live Essentials upgrades and the Explorer 9 upgrade all being written only for Win 7, I figured now was the time to make the move. I bet that’s what MSFT was thinking too when they re-designed the Live packages! “Damn them!” 

Step 1 – Purchase the Windows 7 Upgrade. Found it online at Amazon and Costco. The Costco price was $119, but there was a 7-10 day delivery time frame. Too long… once you decide to pull the trigger you need to get moving. Went to the Costco Warehouse and found it for $109! SCORE!!! Also purchased $200 of steaks and wine and a new Sonic Care toothbrush. Don’t judge me, I needed that wine.

Step 2 – Back up your data. Since I’m upgrading from XP it is necessary to transfer all of my files to an external hard drive. (See… I told you I had planned this out) File to transfer, 160GB… time to transfer… 11 hours! There isn’t much wine left…

Step 3 – Add wine to Costco shopping list

Step 4 – Run install disk

Step 5 – Research error message – fix registry setting – restart computer

Step 6 – Run install disk

Step 7 – More research on error message – update drivers for the array drives – restart computer

Step 8 Run install disk (it was at this point when I seriously thought I’d just offer to take IT to lunch and drive by my house for some free tech support. After all, IT does report to me)

Success… at least I’ve gotten past the error message and the computer has successfully rebooted several times now. Completing Installation is still unchecked, but I can see it is still working and not in some frozen state.

Next up… the transfer of files back to the “New” computer and re-installing all of my programs. I wonder if I still have that Leisure Suit Larry disk.