Prior to our trip to Scotland, Arne signed up for a Scotch Whiskey web site. Don’t ask me why, maybe he thought they would send him free samples for life. In any event, here is some information he received with regard to the Scottish toast… and it sounds as if this is a toast for whiskey, but I think we can use it for just about any drink.

Whisky Toasts

If we consider the traditional whisky toasts, these are based on the following Gaelic ;

“Slainte” meaning “Cheers!” and pronounced “slanjy”

“Slainte mhath meaning “Good health” and pronounced “slanjy var” to which the traditional response is:

“Slainte mhor” meaning “Good health” (as a reply) and pronounced “slanjy vor”

Now what is even more interesting:

In Gaelic word “slainte”, the “te” is pronounced “je”, the word “mhath” is pronounced “var” and the word “mhor” is pronounced “vor”. sheesh, and I thought English was tough.

I think for our purposes, we can just use the shortened version slanjy, which according to other sources is pronounced “Slan ge”

Cheers… errr… Slainte