Our last day of golf. It’s been quite an adventure. Starting in Southport 14 days ago, The New Course is the 12th day of golf for most of our group. (13 rounds for the guys including the getaway round at Royal Troon!)

As I said before, don’t let the name fool you. The New Course is not new. It opened in 1895! How’s that for new!

For our last round we were paired up with Mike and Rose, which worked out perfect. They were the last couple we hadn’t played with yet and this meant we got to play at least one round of golf with every couple in the group.

St. Andrews – The New Course Video

After golf, everyone pretty much went their separate way to explore St. Andrews (and it’s many golf stores) for one last time. But as usually happens on these trips, at the end of the day we all ended up in the same place; choosing The Sands dining room at the Old Course Hotel for a great last meal.

  • 18 people
  • 9 couples
  • 45 pieces of luggage
  • 20 days (for most of us)
  • 4 Cities
  • 11 golf courses (12 for some)
  • 11 lost golf balls (way fewer than anticipated!)
  • 10 trips to the ATM (aka, The hole in the wall)

Thanks to all of our friends at Fairwood Golf and Country Club who followed our travels via “the Blog” and Facebook. It was fun putting together the short videos to keep you up to date with our adventures. We tried to make sure everyone got some “face time” in the videos, made a little easier by playing with each couple… because at the end of the day – most of our time was spent on a golf course!

And a special thanks to all of our travel partners. It’s tough to keep a group of that size together, sharing the many experiences a trip like this offers. And because we’re all such good friends around the Club, it made it that much harder to stay together. (Imagine walking into a Pub and saying “Table for 18?) Mary did a great job of organizing some Group dinners in some great restaurants and Walter (our bus driver) supplemented her efforts by making arrangements for more dinners while we were out golfing. Arne and Kristi – you were a welcome addition to the “Ireland group”. Mike and Rose, we’re so glad you were ambushed by “The Dove Mountain Gang” and decided to get back “on the bus”. The trip just wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Sooze our videographer was everywhere snapping pictures. Can’t wait to see your final project! And of course, Ron and Jane who took on the challenge of organization, communications, and coordination. Not an easy task with any group, let alone with 18 Type A personalities.

At the end of it all, it was another great trip!