Kingsbarns is a new course by any standard. When you are talking about the St. Andrews New Course it’s still over 100 years old. Kingsbarns is only 10 years old! It was built on the site of a very old course (1844 or there abouts). The new owners moved millions of cubic yards of earth to create one of the most impressive courses I’ve ever played. Nearly every hole (if not all of them) are played with a view of the ocean.

Following golf, we all went to the World famous Dunvegan Hotel for dinner and Larry’s birthday celebration. The Dunvegan has been voted Best 19th Hole by Golf Channel and was recently featured on Golf in America where Sleepy Dye was given his final resting place… you’d have to have seen it to understand, but Rick and I did go into the bar and you can be assured, Sleepy is indeed resting on the top shelf.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Larry, including a group of golfers from Long Island. And rather than giving a speech, Larry opted for a joke. Which lead to another from the New Yorkers and before long we had a stand up comedy show in progress. Mike’s mind went blank and the boys from New York were the Last Comics Standing. (Although rumor has it Mike tracked them down the next day with unforgettable jokes)

Click here for the video: Kingsbarns