I think we were all a little apprehensive about playing Carnoustie. It has a reputation of having strong winds and rain. Last year during the Dunhill they suspended play as it lived up to its nickname Car”nastie”.

Our first stop of the day was for a private tour of the small boutique distillery, Tullibardine. It was Sunday so no one was working and we got to go through the entire facility, even peeking into the fermenting tanks. The tour ended with scotch… what else. I wish I could remember our guides name. He did a great job of explaining the various processes. It is amazing that all scotch has only three ingredients… barley, water and yeast. It is the malting process of the barley that makes them all so different.

Sandi, Liann and Mary decided to take the day off from golf (mostly due to the reputation of Carnoustie being the most difficult course in the UK!) which gave us a chance to put together another “guys” foursome. This time it was Rick and Larry taking on Arne and me… and at the end it was Arne and me paying out 13 pounds. Oh well, at least in Fairwood style, the winners bought our beer.

Even though you can see Carnoustie from St. Andrews, it is nearly an hour away by road. The bartender was kind enough to sell us 12 beers to hold us over until we got back to The Jigger Inn.

Here’s your video link: Carnoustie