Love it or hate it. That’s what they say about Prestwick. I hated it, but Arne who shot 75 loved it. What a great round.

If you’re looking for manicured fairways and uniformly cut roughs, you’re not looking for Prestwick. The only thing narrower than the fairways are the streets leading up to the course. Located next to a railway station and an airport, Prestwick is filled with blind shots and monstrously deep rough. Add to that a few 450 yard par 4’s into 30mph winds and you’re got Prestwick. But you need to play it for the history. Founded in 1851, Prestwick was designed by Old Tom Morris and held the first Open in 1860.

Preswick Video

Following golf, Walter took up on a little sight seeing outing and then off to dinner at Souter Johnny’s where Liann was caught trying to steal the salt and pepper shakers! So unbelievable… amazing what a few drinks will do to someone.