It’s Saturday and we’re taking a day off from golf. Mostly because the tee times we would have gotten were quite late but also to take a break and see the sites. Half the group caught the train to Liverpool for a day touring the birthplace of the Beatles. The rest of us stayed in town to see the sites and tour a few more pubs. It also turned out to be my birthday and when the locals found out, they decided to put on a show for me. Bringing in aircraft of all shapes and sizes  – even the Red Arrows showed up. (The British version of the Blue Angles). We were a little hesitant to go out and watch the show due to the wind and rain that was coming, but the locals would have no part of that! Learning we were staying at the Ramada Southport with a view of the ocean, they said they would bring the show to us! And they did… it was amazing watching the “Birthday Air Show” right from our room.

Following the air show, Sandi and I went off to find the smallest pub in Great Britain. Called the Lakeside, it has a capacity of about 35-38. Here we met Andy who had a great sense of humor and a repertoire of jokes. ( It was good to hear some new jokes finally ) He was the Mike Simmons of the Lakeside and was thrilled to have a new audience for his jokes. Eventually about 14 of us were occupying the pub. Mike and Andy traded jokes for a good hour. He was a great guy and told me he had recently downloaded a copy of the Qur’an… he even offered to burn a copy for me! What a guy!

Finally it was time to give up our seats so the locals could come in out of the rain. And we headed off for dinner. As we departed Sandi and Susan each gave Andy a hug and a kiss. Andy said “I usually have to pay for this kind of love”. To which Sooze replied, “I usually charge for it”. The group of locals behind Andy burst into laughter.

Loved all of the birthday cards and gifts everyone! You’re all the best!!