I’m trying to catch up… on the blog and on my sleep!

It’s our fourth day of golf and yes, another Royal course. This is also the first Scottish golf course. Royal Troon was rather particular about a lot of things. No cameras in the Clubhouse or on the course (although they did finally agree to “on the course” as long as we kept moving.), no shorts – pants only – and there was also a co-ed bar where we could grab a pint and something to eat, but the best view of the 18th green was from the Member’s lounge… Men only.

The weather was fantastic. A little wind (by Scottish standards and mostly sunshine) Rick, Larry and I went off first in a guys only grouping. Each of us had caddies and to say we “moved along” would be an understatement. We finished our round in 3 hours. The caddies couldn’t believe a group of Yank’s could play that fast. I over heard the bar manager talking to another couple and as he pointed in our direction and said those guys played in 3 hours. Must be an unusual event in Scotland.

We also discovered that included in our round of golf was a free “re-round” on the Troon Portland course. The ladies all boarded the bus to head back to the hotel while the guys re-grouped for a classic Fairwood match. The weather couldn’t have been better. Sun and virtually no wind. It was amazing. Those who are familiar with my typical Saturday match… $10 buy in and various net and gross games…, will understand what took place. In the end, Arne and I ended up shooting an incredible 58 net best ball and I got three skins with pars. The caddies after watching me play off a 16 said if I played over here they’d either shot me or cut my throat. If only they could have seen my next two rounds and they would have thought differently.

After our round (we are now sans ladies) we were able to go into the Member’s lounge and settle up the bets and drink a few pints. Walter, our bus driver was back after dropping off the girls at the hotel and had reservations for us at a local pub. The ride home of course included stopping for a half rack of Stella and conversations soon turned to Gherkins, though the reference escapes me. It goes without saying it was started by Mike.

The girls got a tour from Walter as he drove them back. Including a stop at the Electric Brea. The Electric Brea is a place in the road where you park your car, (or in their case bus), put it in neutral, and the vehicle proceeds to roll up hill. They also got to the hotel in time to watch the bagpiper at the Turnberry Hotel and then gathered in our large “Sitting Area” in our lodge, patiently awaiting our return and to hear our tales of the Portland round… yeah, right.