Leaving the hotel in wind and rain we were expecting the worse… and we weren’t disappointed, but more on that later. The bus ride was about an hour from the hotel and once again too short for any real shenanigans to happen. Mike had some new jokes and can always count on Sandi to laugh at them. As we pulled up to Royal Lytham the bus got respectfully quiet… well except for Arne who was a giddy as a schoolboy. Imagine the doors of our bus opening on this hollowed place of golf and 18 American’s pilling out into the parking lot with cameras flashing.

We were finally let into the clubhouse by a very proper gentleman and directed to the guest locker rooms. Well, except for the ladies who were told to go around the building to the Ladies locker room. Here we stored our shoes and other gear. No golf shoes allowed upstairs and (sorry Rick and Terry) no shorts either. Oh, and no outerwear, but in this case we’ll make an exception… just keep your legs under the table. In a very quiet and large clubhouse our group definitely stood out. I think someone overhead a member say “wealthy Americans in to play our course”. Sadly after we pay for this trip, wealthy won’t be an adjective used to describe me anymore. But it is a trip of a lifetime and not one I’d want to miss!

First tee… blowing but sunny!!!

First green… slight sprinkle

Second tee… I thought someone turned a garden hose onto me! The hardest rain I’ve ever seen hit and had everyone running for rain gear. Fortunately this downpour only lasted a few holes, but to make up for the dryer weather the winds picked up and the rest of the round was played mostly dry.

If you don’t see any rain shots in the video, it wasn’t due to the lack of rain, but rather because I didn’t have my “scuba camera” in the golf bag.