As I write this, there is a 35++ mph wind blowing against the windows to our room and it sounds like a hurricane. I sure hope tomorrow provides us a much different kind of weather.

Today our group of 14 increased by 2 as Terry and Susan (Sooze) stumbled into the lobby of our hotel early this morning. (Stumbled as the result of no sleep, not due to anything else!) They took a quick trip into the City, got caught in rains of Biblical proportions, and were huddled back in the lobby by the time I brought our luggage down to meet the bus.

During the Ireland trip, the bus rides were especially memorable. Mostly because we were confined to the bus for long durations at a time and it made for some very special moments. Games of Go-low, impromptu bartender assignments, and of course who could forget the “fog”.

This trip was not quite as memorable. The ride from Manchester to Southport was only about 90 minutes long. Not even long enough to break out the ice and scotch. Ice which was not particularly easy to procure. Ok, not that hard but took a little bit of negotiating. Either way, a cube never found it’s way into a glass.

As we boarded the bus, the Biblical rains continued. It was like someone had turned a garden hose onto the bus. But by the time we arrived in Southport there were blue skies and sunshine and Sooze was ready to document our arrival as we stepped off the bus. Of course the sun was not to last… remember my hurricane comment above.

Below is a short/quick video… something to fill some dead space. Mike’s in town now too. More wit coming soon as he takes over the keyboard. And hopefully we’ll have more pictures of the entire group. If you don’t see someone, they haven’t been kicked off the bus… they are just camera shy.

Hope you are enjoying our updates. Tomorrow is round one… Royal Lytham and St. Annes.