Well not for this intrepid group of travelers. Friday morning was spent packing. Packing everything we could think of… golf clothes, golf in the wind clothes, golf in the rain clothes, golf in the wind/rain clothes… I think you are getting the idea. Of course once that was done we still had to fit in the clothes for the pubs and the clothes for the more formal dinners, etc. etc. Fortunately I got it done just in time for Sandi to remind me I had time to mow the lawn.

Off to SeaTac for a 4:30 flight to Vancouver where after landing we wandered for miles in empty corridors out to the BA gates. I can only imagine what this place looked like just 7 months ago during the winter Olympics! Found our way to the BA first class lounge and with 3 hours to kill, we started working on emptying some liquor bottles. I think we each picked one bottle to try to empty. (Not really, but at times it seemed that way)

The flight to London was great. Good food, good wine, good scotch and a great crew. We figured out a way for all of us to have dinner together. There were seven people in first class and six of them were from Fairwood so who was going to argue with us… plus we had Rick for muscle.

After the beds were made up and we were in our pajamas, it was time to try to get some sleep.  Larry went around to all the ladies and made sure they were all tucked in. Not really sure what that was all about, but it seemed like a nice gesture.  I suspect we only got about 3 1/2 hours sleep, but it was still good and we woke up just in time for breakfast.

Made it through the maze called Heathrow and we are now sitting in the London BA lounge. Some of us are sleeping, some reading, and some just typing (oh wait, that’s me) Can’t wait for Mike to get over hear so he can add some wit and humor to these pages. Of course it is hard to get really witty about Fairwood people eating, drinking and sleeping… just another day at Fairwood.

Oh yeah, I forgot… the shortest distance between two points (that being Seattle and Manchester UK) is not going Seattle, Vancouver, London, Manchester. I can’t wait for transporters to be developed.

A short video… trying to capture the day while doing the video “on the fly” so to speak.



Me, I’m just thinking about that first tee shot on Wednesday at Royal Lytham and St. Annes.