Yep, since we added one more guy to the trip, I had to completely re-write the computer program to keep track of all the games. Hours and hours later (literally) I think I have it done. All I know for sure is we all start out not owing any money to anyone else – but after all the scores are entered I win. It’s only fair since I wrote the program.

For those who don’t remember, there are basically three games each day… except as I understand it there is one day where not all the guys are playing. In the same tradition as Ireland, we’ll make that a free day… you are free to shoot a score as high as you want with no monetary penalty.

Game 1 – Net Skins (Cost is 2.50 per day)

Game 2 – Gross Skins (Cost is 2.50 per day)

Game 3 – Really more than just a third game. Each person will have a match game against each of the other guys. (Cost is 2.00 per match) So everyday you will be playing 8 matches. Assuming 10 rounds of golf, you will be competing in 80 matches! With 9 guys, that represents somewhere in the neighborhood of 360 matches. (Not sure… I was never really very good with numbers unless there was a “$” in front of it)

Below, just to prove to you the game is fair (give or take some programming liberties) I have taken a snap shot to show you everyone starts out even… let the games begin!

Scotland Scoring