Now that sounds like a really intellectual blog title and if you are expecting insight and education on how the new world economy works you’re come to the wrong place. What I can tell you is the American dollar is much stronger this year than it was for our trip to Ireland in 2009.

When we stopped in London on our way over a pint of beer was costing us about £4 which as I recall was nearly $9 US. I’ve had some pretty good beer in my days, but nothing worth $9/pint.

Ireland is on the Euro and right away the price fell to about $6/pint. Still high but much more reasonable and it certainly didn’t stop me from consuming nearly an entire keg by myself. (At least an American keg which is 15.5 gallons at last check)

As I said, the American dollar is stronger and the price per pint is coming down. Here is a chart of the current exchange rate between the GBP and the US Dollar.

Pounds to Dollars 2010-5

Might be time to pick up a few Pounds for spending money in Scotland. I know Mike and I are trying to lose a few pounds before we get there… different kind of pounds for sure.