Two more!

That’s right, our group of travelers has increased by two. Tired of hearing the stories from Ireland and realizing what they missed out on in 2008, Arne and Kristi finally succumbed to their internal demons and officially requested admittance into this select group of international travelers.

Following protocol, a written request was submitted to the designated “Trip Coordinator”. The request included all of the requisite information and was determined to be complete and official. Once it was “stamped” official by the TC, it was ceremoniously circulated to the remaining travelers.

By tradition and in accordance with rule 15A (iii), the inclusion of additional travelers requires a 100% unanimous vote. Not an easy task and something no person or couple had ever attempted, though many had considered admittance.

But of course this is no ordinary couple and a few bazillion rules were not going to stand in their way.

One by one the votes came in… as each Yes vote was read from the official Ceremonial Ballot Box (actually a golf hat) the tension grew, knowing all it took was one No vote to end the suspense. As the counting was nearing the end, the voting stood at 7 Yes votes… but the ballot box was empty! The eighth vote was missing and since all voting is anonymous (Rule 27.2.1), no one knew who’s vote it was.

The proverbial hush fell over the room… Kristi and Arne looked on in disbelief. To have come so far. The courting of votes, beers purchased, promises made. (Yes, votes can be bought – Rule 124.4.7(ii))

Everyone looked at one another… who’s vote was missing… And then someone (I don’t recall who) spotted a small paper square under the table. It must have fallen out of the hat… errr… Ballot Box while counting votes.

The square was unfolded… and of course you know the outcome… And then there were two more!

Welcome to our band of characters. You’re going to fit in just fine.