Sort of… No it wasn’t those super internet sleuths Steven and Susan, it was Ron and Jane. Who would have thought to check Facebook for someone in Ireland! Well, apparently they thought of it and it turned out to be a good lead. Heck, I didn’t even know Ron and Jane knew what Facebook was…

In any event, Ron sent me an email saying he saw someone with Chris’ name on Facebook and that I (being an expert Facebooker, if that’s a word), should check it out. After that, searching for Chris was easy. Only one person on FB with that name. And the picture, though small, sure looked like him.

Chris (aka The Iceman)

Of course finding a name and actually communicating with someone are two different things. After all, both Susan and I have sent out numerous requests for information regarding Chris and his whereabouts. You’d have thought he went in to the Witness Protection Program. Well the next thing I did was make him a friend and sent him an email. Of course we all know Chris is quite unlikely to be a daily user of FB, right? And even if he did get onto Facebook the chances of making some guy in The States a friend would be quite slim at best. So what next…? Email his Facebook friends of course. And wouldn’t you know it… within 30 minutes I had an email back from "Sam" saying “Hey, that’s my Dad”. She’s passed on my email address and we’ll see if we can actually communicate directly with him or whether we’ll have to use Sam as an intermediary.

Either way is good. Although Sam may soon tire of being our "relay switch" between the technologies of the new world and the simplicity of the old… (and I’m not saying Chris is old, I mean old technology)

The search is nearly over and from the looks of his picture, he looks like he is doing well.