An excerpt from the message from Mike and Rose:

Matt waited until we were all together yesterday when he broke the news that we are going to be grandparents and Corey an uncle.  Rose went straight up with joy and we have all been on cloud 10 since then, as this is news we were hoping to hear this year; our first grandchild.
Unfortunately, it also means that we will have to forego the Scotland trip.  Rose will likely be in Japan for a month next June after the baby is born helping out since Matt will be deployed to the desert.  I will travel to Japan later in the summer.  This travel, combined with their moving back to the states at the end of Matt’s tour in Sept Oct, means we will be kinda busy next summer and fall.

We will miss you both! It just won’t be the same…

IMG_0618 IMG_0623

IMG_0661 Guys at Portmarnock Circa 2008