Wow, now does this look like a high level cabinet meeting or what?


Tonight the group gathered (everyone except Rick and Liann… missed you guys but we’ll see you soon in Tucson! and Susan “Party Girl” Johnson) to give our final input to Premier Golf for the planned trip to the UK. What started out as a Ryder Cup adventure has turned into an England/Scotland golfing extravaganza.

The Group unanimously voted to forgo the Wales part of the trip and try to get it down to just playing the courses situated around three hotels. Staying in Southport, Turnberry, and St. Andrews.

This will give us lots of options and hopefully two shots at the St. Andrews “lottery”.

Plus a few of us are looking forward to having some time to experience the culture and people of the area. To put it another way, we want to hit some Pubs!

Everyone is still trying to figure out a way to get a hold of Chris (aka The Iceman), our bus driver from last year. We’d love to have him drive for us again next year, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Susan and I will use our “internet sleuthing” skills to track him down.

A Terrible Beauty (the Renton Irish Pub) did a great job of taking care of us tonight and everyone was very impressed with the changes and the atmosphere. The Guinness was flowing and food was great. Sheppard’s Pie, Fish and Chips and of course my favorite “Guinness Stew”. Susan, you missed a great one. Hope the Camelback girls know what you had to give up.

I can’t believe the trip is a year away… well actually only 349 days. I think we’ve got a lot of planning meetings in our future.