Last year we met at Finnegan’s in Renton. It was great. Our first taste of a real Irish Pub… Renton style. So of course, we’re meeting there again, right?

Not so fast! Is it still good? I’ve heard it has changed hands… is it still worthy of our Group? Well to answer that question and more; Ron, Jane, Sandi and I sacrificed ourselves to check it out.


One of the first things I noticed… don’t try to enter through the Red Doors. All you’ll get is a headache. (The doors are just painted on the wall) The second thing I noticed is it’s not called Finnegan’s anymore. It is now A Terrible Beauty. (Don’t blame me for the name, blame Yeats – as in William Butler Yeats) Now I’m not sure exactly what a poem about the Easter Rising of 1916 has to do with a pub in Renton, but for now that is the name it has been given.

Our consensus? The place is much better than last year and has really taken on the charm of an Irish Pub. With overstuffed chairs, low tables and sofas and an imitation fireplace, it looks a lot like the last place we all ended up at in Dublin. The new owners have added some subtle touches that really add some character to the place.

Ok great, it looks like a pub… but what about the food and the drinks you ask? Well the beer was cold and served in the traditional Guinness glass so it’s got that going for it. (And did you you know this is the 250th anniversary of Guinness? – Sandi and I: 25 years, Guinness: 250 years. Kind of puts it into perspective for me!) The menu is new… and old at the same time and yes Susan… they have Sheppard’s Pie. Sandi says the fish and chips are even better than last time.

So the scouting mission was a success. We’ve re-discovered our favorite pub in Renton and it’s better than before. So see you all on Wednesday!