Ann’s got the hotels selected and hopefully the map will give you a sense of the trip. Golf courses will be next after we’ve made our final selections.

First map… the general lay of the land. In case you flunked geography in school, Scotland is to the north of England, Wales to the West.. and Ireland? Just a short swim a little further West and you should pop out at the European Club (And probably won’t be as wet as after playing there). Susan already provided some maps so I’m just stealing her idea.

As I recall, you can double click a map and it will open a new window with "links" to the various hotel’s websites included on each map. Hover over the Hotel name until a box pops up and then click "More Information" and you will be wisked away to the website. We’ve done all the web surfing for you!

Map picture

We’ll be starting in the South after arriving in Manchester and working our way North, finishing our trip in Scotland and departing from Edinburgh.

Map picture

I’m not sure about the location of the Ramada Southport. This website calls it the Ramada Plaza Southport so hopefully that’s right. Location is in Southport, so if I have the wrong hotel it won’t be far from here. Now let’s move a wee bit further north and check out the hotels in Scotland.

Map picture

There you have it. Five hotels in 14 nights. Must be at least 20 Stars in there somewhere.