Is it too early to start blogging about our planned trip to Scotland and Wales in 2010? Perhaps, but might as well get started now so we’re in prime blogging shape by the time it comes around. And I’ve got to get Mike to be more of a contributor this time around. Who else could create such visuals as"the ladies will descend on the pro-shop like a band of marauding Visigoths, waving credit cards over their heads while proclaiming “Everything is on sale and we must have it!. 

So far we’ve been exchanging emails and discussing what we liked about the Ireland trip and what we would have done different. So far, we wouldn’t have changed much. We are going to once again go “first class” staying in various 4 Star hotels, etc rather than opting for the B&B route. We want to do the “motor coach” again. What a hoot that was. (Dibs on one of the seats in back! You saw it here first!) And we want to have Ann from Premier Golf organize the trip. Probably the only thing of substance we’d change is the number of days in each hotel. Last year we did a lot of moving around and it seemed like we were always packing or unpacking… so hopefully she can arrange for us to be at each hotel for a little longer stay. Oh yeah, and there was a desire to be closer to the towns. The time we spent in Killarney was so much fun… hitting the pubs at night and seeing more of the local flair.

Well we’ve got the ball rolling. It’s going to be the same group (so far). I’m not sure what it was about that group but there was definitely great chemistry. It’s hard to spend that much time together and come away two weeks later with no drama… but we did and we’re ready to do it again.

Look out Scotland… Fairwood is headed your way this time!