In a recent post I asked for people to send me some golf tips. I had a few of my own that I thought I would share and of course there is the infamous tip from Arne… but I have to tell you the response was over whelming. Hundreds of tips poured in… so many that we had to commission an artist to put them all together into one cohesive drawing. I would suggest downloading this drawing and laminating it so you can carry it in your pocket… a quick reference card for when the swing starts to go awry.

Now keep in mind, the golf swing is approximately 1.5 seconds long (well for most, but we won’t get into name calling here!) so if you can just remember these simple thoughts during that time frame, you’ll easily drop 5 strokes… guaranteed!

Swing Thoughts

While this picture may be overwhelming at first glance, print it out and take a closer look. There are actually some pretty good ideas floating around in there. (Thanks to Rick R. for the picture)