I know a lot of the group from Ireland will be coming to this site to re-live a few moments and to see what the rest of the world has been hearing about out trip. Just a couple of hints on making the experience a little more enjoyable. During the last 2 weeks there have been over 2,100 page views – 400 just this week – and about 200 today! So here are the tips…
1. If you click on the Blog Summary, you will get a list of all of the articles. You can then view all of them individually. The front page of this site only shows about 5 or so depending on space.
2. At the very end of the main page of blogs, there is a "View more entries". This will load another set of previous blogs.
3. After each article or even on the pictures, you can leave a comment for the whole world to see.
Had a great time… now I just need to think of something new to blog to keep everyone coming back to read my rambling posts! Maybe I’ll start posting golf tips… hmmm… send me your favorite tips and I’ll try to work them in.