Our travel day… (yes I have some catching up to do but thought I’d go ahead and at least get something down before I forget. On our travel day we were moving from Cork to Dublin and Chris our driver did a great job of showing us the sites along the way.


Of course one of our stops had to be Blarney, home to the Blarney castle and more importantly the Blarney Stone. Tradition says that those who kiss the Blarney Stone will be blessed with the gift of gab though I understand the actual translation is the “gift of eloquent speak”… so we all asked Mike to please run up the stairs of the castle and kiss it quickly! Please!!


IMG_0975  IMG_0979


I personally think the real gift of gab goes to the guy that could convince millions of tourists to pay €10 each to climb to the top of a castle, lean out backwards and upside down over a hole in the castle floor and kiss the side of the wall! Now that is the gift of gab… but something you have to do if you are in the area. Here’s a couple of shots of our group… and one taken from the ground looking up and then zoomed in to put it all in perspective.


IMG_0980  Larry receiving the "gift".


CIMG2032 view from below CIMG2033 Rick gets the "gift".


Following the castle, the Visigoths once again descended upon the unsuspecting shop owners in the Blarney Mills, wielding their credit cards like swords and leaving no sales rack untouched.


Of course the bus rides have been great fun. There has been a bit of a “class” issue, with the partiers delegated to the back of the bus, while the more gentile of the group drank their potions from crystal with linen table cloths and napkins up front, but we’ve made due with what we had… Terry acting as both Ambassador (from the back seats) and Purser, making sure the front of the bus was adequately served.


CIMG2051 Rick re-enforcing the "gift". CIMG2052 Playing GoLo.


Too many funny stories to recount, but I’m sure they will come up as we relate our adventures in person.