Imagine a golf course set on the southern coast of Ireland, perilously perched atop an isthmus of rock with dramatic cliffs dropping 100 feet straight down into the ocean below. And now imagine standing on the first tee with nary a breath of wind or rain. Add a working lighthouse and the ruins of a 15th century lighthouse – impeccably maintained fairways and greens – and you come close to describing our day at Old Head, a relatively new course just a short bus ride south of Cork. When we ask the group what their favorite course has been so far, the typical response has been Tralee, but I suspect Old Head has captured the heart of a large part of this group. It really was an incredible experience, from the moment the bus pulled up to the front entrance… as our driver said, you have but one chance to experience Old Head for the first time. (Profound these Irish people are!)


Entrance to Old Head  CIMG2018  CIMG2019


Another interesting tradition at Old Head was the Stone of Accord. A tradition of the Celts, when an agreement had been reached, the agreement was ratified by shaking hands through a hole in the Stone. Near the first tee such a stone exists and the competitors shake hands here before teeing off.


IMG_0912  IMG_0881


Old Head was also the place where we decided to get our group picture in our "Fairwood Uniform". Liann, Sandi and Jim Conway worked hard to get these completed before we left, complete with a logo commemerating the trip – Fairwood, Ireland and 2008 on the sleeve.


S7001150 What a sharp looking group of Americans!