So I’ve skipped a day in the sake of keeping up with our travels. Yesterday was a travel day and we didn’t play any golf… just a ride from Cork in the south of Ireland to Dublin in the northeast. The bus ride was enjoyable and aside from a few incidences, fairly uneventful… well not really uneventful, just your typical Fairwood get together. Suffice it to say, there was alcohol on the bus.


At one point, Sandi noted the dense fog had rolled in… and just as quickly it rolled back out as we passed an entirely white semi on the highway… but you had to be there to get the full effects of such an observation.


Today we played the European Club. If Lahinch was cyclonic winds, the group is in general agreement that these were winds of biblical proportions. Then add the torrential rain… and we have the highest scores of the trip. But I’m not really sure that fully describes our conditions.


Here’s the honest to God truth. In order to get Padraig Harrington in shape to play The Open, the European Club was selected as the site of the Irish PGA held just the week before. Appearantly the crew from the European Club went over to Royal Birkdale and looked over the course… setting up the European exactly the same… and as we all know, it worked. Harrington won the British!


Now since that time, it has done nothing but rain… and rain hard! So the greens crew has not been able to cut back anything… the first cut was 8 to 10 inches deep. Hit a drive just off the fairway and good luck finding it… and if you went beyond that, you were in 12 to 20 inch deep grass. Not even Donn Pascoe could find any complaints in the rough here!


CIMG2056 (Carol Holm in sand trap. Notice the length of the rough near the fairway and this is the first hole!)


We were basically playing in conditions that were more difficult than what you saw in the British Open. No one will ever complain about the rough at Fairwood again!!!!


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