This is Mike giving you my personal perspective on the past few days.  The Ring of Kerry drive took us away from the city’s twitch and smoke to travel through some of the prettiest countryside I have ever seen, on the way to the Waterville GC.  Along the way we stopped at several points to take pictures of the coastline and other points of architectural interest as efficiently as possible so we would not compromise our tee times.  The bus would stop and we would scramble outside, trying to figure out the best angle, the best view, etc., then re-board and go on to the next point of interest.


CIMG2055  (Keep in mind we were all using digital cameras and with today’s technology, really only needed one good shot which we could email around to the rest of the group.)


The course at Waterville proved to be every bit of a challenge as the rest of the links courses we have played.  Rose and I got a pretty decent caddy who knew the course and most importantly, the greens.


IMG_1319 (yeah right, Mike… that’s what she liked! Reading the greens?


  Let’s talk about the caddies for a minute.  They came in all shapes, sizes, and ages.  Caddy assignments were totally random but Rose and I always seemed to luck out while others in our group had mixed results.  All the caddies would carry your bags, but there were some who appeared aloof and disinterested, some were reportedly arrogant, while others inexplicably could not read a putt to save their lives which added a new wrinkle to the match games that are ongoing.  There are junior caddies as young as twelve, and senior caddies old enough to claim to have seven grandchildren.  We always seemed to get a good one and thus have had no complaints, about caddies that is.  The weather is another story.  It continues to be cloudy and wet.  Of note, I have yet to use my sunglasses but their day will come, I hope…


There is another recurring vignette with this group.  After golf and lunch, the ladies will descend on the pro-shop like a band of marauding Visigoths, waving credit cards over their heads while proclaiming “Everything is on sale and we must have it!.  Lord help us.


After concluding play at Waterville, we took the obligatory pictures with the Payne Stewart statue –I let him wear my hat – and then finished our trip to Killarney, arriving at Hayfield Manor Hotel late.  One highlight, which our driver claimed to have arranged in advance, was happening on a school of bottlenose dolphins feeding on a school of mackerel near the shore in Dingle Bay. 


IMG_1338  IMG_1341


We stopped and watched for about a half an hour as they jumped, rolled, and generally ignored the small crowd of tourists that had assembled.  We continued on to the Hayfield Manor Hotel after they left, eventually scared off by our attempts to feed them saltines and cheese whiz.


Rather than dine in, Rose and I got a culinary reference from a passerby for a Chinese takeout joint about “200 meters away”.  It turned out to be a good reference as they produced egg rolls the size of burritos, albeit with enough salt to raise our blood pressure 45 points.   Very filling.  



By request… Visigoths: an ancient Germanic people who conquered parts of the Roman Empire during the 5th century. They destroyed Rome in 410 and took over parts of Spain and southern France, where they established a powerful kingdom that lasted until the beginning of the 8th century… just in case you were wondering.