Okay, here’s the list of golf courses as promised. Just click the link and you will be taken to the web site for each golf club (hopefully)… much easier than me giving you a brief description. Suffice it to say, we have played some of the top courses in Ireland and even some that are rated in the top 50 in the WORLD! Take a few minutes and see what we’ve seen…


August 16


August 17


August 18


August 19


August 20


August 21

Old Head

August 22

A much needed day off!

August 23

K Club (Ryder Cup 2006)

August 24

European Club

August 25



Tomorrow is a travel day and Mike and I promise we’ll try to get together and add a little wit to the site. I realize it has been somewhat lacking… but after fighting the elements and some of the top courses in the world, there is little energy left… plus I think both Mike and I have used up our creativity on shot making, leaving little more for the blog… ok, so it’s me that has used up my limited creativity… Mike is off entertaining the locals!