Tuesday we played Tralee Golf Club… in the wind and rain. (Yeah, I’m a little behind… I think Mike must be spending a lot of time in the pubs cuz he sure hasn’t been around to do much blogging!)


Tralee is an incredible setting. Links style course set along Tralee Bay, I think you had a view of the ocean from every hole. It was amazing.




The front was pretty forgiving and fairly flat. Rick and Liann’s young caddy (maybe 13 years old) might have had the best description of the back nine. As they turned the corner, Rick said – “ah, some up and down on the back side”… to which his caddy replied, “sadly sir, no down”.


Average scores were a bit higher here which I’m sure was due to the conditions. It was much windier than Ballybunion and then toss in a few passing rain storms just to keep it interesting.


As I’ve said before… go to the picture album – look for Tralee and let the pictures describe it because I can’t do it justice. Most people think it has been our best course to date.


At some point, I’m going to try to assemble a list of the courses we’ve been playing (and those yet to come) so you can get a better idea of just what an incredible trip this has been.


We’ve also been having a competition on the days when all of the guys are playing together. I’ll have to post how the competition is progressing so you know who not to bet with when we get back… not that you don’t already know! The competition involves a gross skins game (€2.50), a net skins game (€2.50), and head to head matches against each of the other guys (€2.00 each match)… so you have 7 matches a day and as a group there are 56 matches each day. So after 4 rounds (remember Mike missed the Doonbeg day so we didn’t do the competition) there have been 224 matches total and each person has played 28 matches each… and that is a lot of matches! The crazy part is that there are still another 224 matches yet to be played. But I’ll cover that later.