The night after we got back from Tralee would be our last night at the wonderful Killarney Park Hotel, so it seemed like a good night to experience the Killarney City pubs one last time. As we were leaving the hotel, we ran into Ron and Jane heading back… already 5 pints ahead of us and carrying a plain brown paper bag (We’re sure it was containing some purchases from the Off License liquor store), they told us to head out on our own. (Terry, Susan, Rick, Liann, Mike, Rose, Sandi and Steve… all set off to show Killarney what a group from Fairwood was really like.


First we headed over to a pub Rick had discovered earlier… had a pint while watching some Olympic  track and field events on the telly and ended up staying for dinner. Not a great dinner, but it was all we were looking for… food!


Now that we’d finally found sustenance (and a few pints and bottles of wine) we were off to locate the perfect pub to settle into… blend into the locals… and experience Irish culture at its finest… in a Pub!


After checking out a few, we ended back at the pub Terry and Susan had closed down the night before. Inside, the locals were being entertained by a guitar playing soloist named Jackie.




And as luck would have it… we got 2 tables big enough for the eight of us, right next to Jackie… so you can imagine how nicely we blended in with the locals!




And Jackie was singing American classics with his Irish “twang” and we could all sing along.


Jackie captivated the girls… especially Sandi who thought he was the best entertainer ever! (Come back to see their picture together as soon as I figure out which camera holds the evidence!)


It really is amazing the amount of talent that they have in this country. There are countless pubs (trust me, I tried to count them by having just one pint in every one) and each one has some form of entertainment. Jackie finally finished his set at mid-night and we all headed back to the Hotel. We had to be up early to pack up (I hate packing!) and be at the bus by 9:15. Tomorrow we are off to Waterville Golf Club.