Today… Ballybunion! Founded in 1893, can you believe it? We were playing a course that was 115 years old. By American standards, it would be a shopping center by now. It was interesting getting a caddie for this round. Apparently our tee time of 7:40 was a little too early for most of the senior caddies and they were few and far between. Mike, Rose, Sandi and I were in the last group just after 8:00 and both got senior caddies… so while others were complaining about the quality of their caddies, we both got great ones.


CIMG1971  CIMG1976  CIMG1977


Winds were moderate and while the rains threatened, we actually only had a little rain on a few holes, making the course play fairly easy. Well easy by Lahinch standards. The average score from our group was still 89, but compare that to the Lahinch average of 98!


Following our round we headed back into Killarney. Here we had some time to tour the city and take in some of the site on our own, before meeting back up with the rest of the gang for a group dinner at Gaby’s Seafood Restaurant.


Dinner was great and although they were out of John Dory (whatever that is) we all enjoyed our meals. I ordered the vegetable soup… not what I expected… picture pureed vegetables heated and served in a cup… but it was delicious.


As the dinner was ending and things were starting to wind down and mellow out… someone got the great idea of having their picture taken in the wine cellar. Now the door to the wine cellar was right next to our table and in pure Fairwood fashion… the next thing you know Susan was behind the gate/door laughing as you all know Susan to do. Sandi ran up to take a picture… and laugh along with her. For that moment you would have thought we were all back in the Fairwood lounge. Everyone pointing and laughing… then as Susan decided she’d had enough of the wine cellar and needed to get out, she discovered that somehow the lock to the gate had gotten LOCKED! And there she was… it was a dream come true except for one problem… she didn’t have a cork screw!!! Rluctantly, she let the waiter let her out before Terry could get her one.


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Tomorrow Tralee!