And we’re off…


We made it through day 1 and we’ve just arrived in London. Everything started out just fine and we were sipping champagne as the plane pulled away.


IMG_0432      IMG_0431

 First class was basically empty except for us… Us plus just a mother and son in the first row… so only 6 of us up there. As we were settling in the plane stopped, then headed back to the ramp. Turns out the starter engine wasn’t working… something we all agreed would be a good idea to have.


So there we sat for about 3 ½ hours while they worked on it. And that’s when we discovered another advantage to first class. While they worked, we dined on seared ahi, lamb, lobster, and chicken accompanied with a nice French claret. The time just drifted by.


Rick studies the menu


The crew seemed to allowing us time to finish our dinner and we were soon in the air and headed to England… just 4 hours behind schedule. I’m sure the people in the rear of the plane were anxious for us to finish our dinners so we could all get on with the flight. After studying the menu, Rick studied up on his Irish… he studies alot! But now he can say "I’ve never seen 12 foot breakers on a water hazard" in Irish!


IMG_0438 Hope he doesn’t get a chance to use that line!


Time for bed. We each got into our pajamas while the purser made up our beds. I think we got about 5 hours of sleep (give or take), but still arrived a bit worn out. Even breakfast didn’t get us going.




Getting our luggage was a piece of cake… getting to our hotel became quite an adventure. Rather than opt for the taxi to the hotel, we decided to take the hotel bus (Hotel Hoppa). Unfortunately we didn’t know where to get it… so we walked… and walked… and walked (keep in mind we are each pulling 2 suit cases and golf clubs) and walked… and walked… did I mention that we walked a long ways! But in the end, we had saved about £2… which bought us about a third of a beer once we arrived at the hotel.


Finally we got to the hotel where we parted company vowing to meet up at 7:00. I suspect there aren’t any great adventures in our future tonight. In fact it might be tough to get us all out of the hotel. Maybe after a quick shower we’ll feel different, but I doubt it.