Getting a head start on the Ireland trip and it libations, Bill and Sharon Olson decided to throw a “send off” party last Saturday night. A small gathering (by Fairwood standards) of 10 people looked over the maps of Ireland and hotel brochures and hoisted a few. The Olson’s always throw a great party and this one was no exception. Thanks guys!!


 Jameson Irish Whiskey, Irish Coffees and untold bottles of wine lead to loud music and dancing. As Fred tells it, he got tired of hearing the same 11 songs over and over and brought in a collection of CD’s from the car, muttering to Sharon something about needing to invest in more music.


Dinner was fabulous and was topped off with a special cake for the travelers. You’ll notice the cake says “Here they come”, but I suspect what was implied was “Lookout Ireland… Here they come!”. Ireland may never be the same after this group of Fairwood travelers hit the shores.




Thanks for the great send off. The first group left yesterday and we’re leaving later tonight with Rick and Liann for a few days in London before hopping over to Ireland and our trip of a lifetime. We just wish all of our many friends could have joined us.