Another day, another adventure. We decided to mix it up a little bit today. No Starbucks. Instead we head up to Koloa just north or our place in Poipu to the Lappert’s Ice Cream and Coffee shop. I think I’ve been looking at ads for this place for about 20 years. Seems like Lamppert’s white bearded face is always smiling back at you in one of those in-flight magazines. The latte’s were good… not great, but then I may be a Starbuck’s snob… and who would have thought someone could actually charge MORE than Starbucks! (Oh by the way, I hear McDonald’s will be entering the coffee business… new store design and designer drinks oh my! And prices about 50 cents less than Starbucks… but I digress)

After the stop for coffee, we head once again west on the Highway 50 towards Hanapepe. Just across the bridge is the road to the Salt Pond Park. It really is a nice beach and seems to be well protected so it’s a good beach for small kids too. Amazingly, this is our first time to sit on the beach in a swim suit and actually enter the ocean. Judy and I decided to try some snorkeling. (Forget about renting from Snorkel Bob’s or any of the other places… Costco sells the fin and mask combo for less than their rental fee.)

Kauai 2007-11 017

Me trying to put on the swim fins

Since I had melanoma cut out of my back earlier this year (which I think was a direct result of a sunburn the last time I was in Kauai) we didn’t spend a lot of time at the beach. Lunchtime was calling and we headed into town to walk around the many artist shops that now call Hanapepe home… and of course to see the famous swinging bridge.

Kauai 2007-11 023

Steve and Judy trying to figure out why this bridge is so famous

We actually ended up in Waimea for lunch. The Wrangler’s Restaurant. It was a nice little place right on the Highway and we sat outside… beers, tropical drinks… life is good. And either the service was faster or we are finally adjusting to this "island time" thing.

After lunch we drove up Waimea Canyon… I think it was Mark Twain that called this place the Grand Canyon of Hawaii… and while I’ve never actually been to the Grand Canyon, I have got to believe he’s right. It really does look like many of the pictures you see of Arizona. Originally, we had wanted to hike into the canyon, but after Tuesday everyone was "hiked out" so we chose to view it from the many view points.

Kauai 2007-11 032 Kauai 2007-11 044

Sandi and me on the edge of the canyon and a view back down the canyon from the top.

Done with site seeing, it was time to head back to Costco for some steaks (we’ll BBQ tonight) and more wine… yep, we finished off that first supply of wine. With appetizers tonight, we’ll also be drinking the bottle of Dom Perignon my boss gave me to take on the trip.