Golf… not much more to say. Well that and the fact that my entire body still aches from the hike yesterday… but it’s golf… so it’s good.  Here’s a picture of Steve (not me, the other Steve). He doesn’t play much golf, but I’m looking over this swing. It’s pretty good. I gave him strokes to make the game even and he beat me each time… maybe he plays more than he’s letting on.Kauai 2 2007-11 070

Tonight we had dinner at the Beach House. It’s a beautiful restaurant right on the beach… duh, guess that’s why they call it the Beach House. The place is nuts right around sunset. Everyone comes down to watch it… from the beach, the lawn, the bar… we chose the lawn followed shortly thereafter by the bar. This place really is a great place to have dinner. One of the nicer places on the island… even though we had horrible service (how can we forget Junior since he forgot about us!) I have to believe based on the crowd, we were just unlucky. So despite our experience, make a point of going there… and here’s a little tip… make reservations before you head over to the island and make them early enough so you get a window seat right at sunset. Here’s a picture I took from the lawn!Kauai 2007-11 006