November 11, 2007 – We decided to ease into this Polynesian Paradise. Kinda… at least we didn’t have any plans for Day One. So we got up and started walking. We’re staying at the Point at Poipu. It was an old Embassy Suites that was converted into a time share. So every room has a kitchen and two bedrooms, which is perfect. So where was I… oh yeah… we started walking. We walked east along the beach at the Grand Hyatt, then reversed our path and walked west all the way into Poipu. Well I’m not sure there is a City by that name, but we walked past the County beach… all the way to the Marriott. At one point we decided we should start looking for a place for breakfast since we really hadn’t intended to be walking all morning. Seeing nothing in particular… the Marriott looked good enough. Now I’m not sure if I’m just particular about “service” or if this is what “island service” is… but it sure seemed slow. Guess I need to cut the engines back a bit and slow down. I must still be on “mainland time”.

With exercise out of the way, we’re off to Costco. What a great addition to the Islands. We purchase a giant Caesar Salad, papayas, roast chicken… oh yeah, 5 bottle of wine and a couple fifths of rum. We’ll be making a few Mai Tai’s before the weeks over.

After that, we’re off to the beach to watch the sun set. We know a beach on the far west side of the island that come right up to the Na Pali cliffs. It is the longest beach in all of Hawaii… and with a western exposure, the sunsets are great! Now the road to the beach is something else. I think to say it is not maintained would be more than an understatement. Imagine driving down a road with 12” pot holes every three feet… for about 7 miles. That’s a crap load of pot holes… we think the locals know another way in but they don’t tell anyone, just to keep the tourist away. The beach is beautiful, the sunsets gorgeous, and we started in on that wine from Costco.


 Sunset on the beach.     Fisherman with final moments of light