It was a dark and stormy night… no… it was dark and stormy, but it was about 1:00 on Friday. We ran up to the Club to get everything we would need to play golf on the “inaugural road trip” and OMG, it rained sooooo hard. I’ve been living in Seattle for most of my life, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain like this. Within minutes, the gutters at the Club were over flowing as a wall of water came cascading off the roof. But this would not deter us… we were off to warmer and sunnier climates… the Olympic Peninsula! Now you may think we’re crazy but there is a small group of people that believe the Sequim area of Washington is the driest, sunniest place in Western Washington.


Traffic in Seattle is bad… fourth worst in the Nation… but on a Friday with massive rain storms and it’s unbearable. Fortunately we got a head start and our destination was just 3 hours away. As you know from previous blogs, this was our first road trip in the new car (Lexus SC430) and our first ever stay at a Bed and Breakfast. Our destination…? Port Townsend, Washington.


The trip was good. Three hours isn’t that long to be “cooped” up together in the space the size of a refrigerator and the GPS kept us occupied. Nearing our destination we came across Port Ludlow. Not really a town… more of a retirement community and resort… but it is a place I’ve had the opportunity to play golf probably 50 times. Sandi’s heard me talk about it for years, but has never been there… so since there is a road to Port Ludlow and this was in fact a road trip… a detour was in order.


After the short detour, it was soon thereafter we found ourselves in Port Townsend. We pulled up to the beautiful “Old Consulate House” which was built in 1889 and would be our home for the next two days.


Checked in… got the 10 minute tour/history on the house… and headed down town to have a look around. Coming from the “big city” we looked down the main street (Water Street… I guess because it is along the waterfront?)… And thought… “This should take a few minutes… then what’ll we do?” Well after 2 blocks we discovered an interesting wine bar upstairs in an interesting building… tasted local wines… walked across the “open catwalk” to the restaurant “Fins”… had oysters, crab cakes, dinner and dessert…


and suddenly it was time to head back home for the Bed part of Bed and Breakfast. So much for a quick walk down Water Street.


Breakfast was amazing. Fluffiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever seen with a hollandaise sauce, sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon pear syrup, etc., etc. Only thing missing at breakfast was more guests. Turns out, we’re the only guests for Friday night. But Michael the owner kept us amused with interesting stories about the history of the house and the history of Port Townsend. I’d fill you in, but he tells the stories better than I do. Oh well… there are rumors of more guests for Saturday.


With the “second B” out of the way (“B”reakfast in case you’re not following), we gathered a few things and headed out for the day. Saturday was starting out with great weather. We had woke up to Sun and Blue Skies! First stop… Jardin du Soleil (Garden of the Sun)… in Sequim. (Yeah, we figured if that was the sunniest place in Western Washington, why chance going somewhere else to play golf!) Sequim is the “Lavender Capitol of America.” At least that’s what the sign says.


Jardin is one of the many lavender farms in Sequim so thanks to our GPS, we arrived and looked around.


Then off to Dungeness Golf Club for our round of golf. Both of us had great games. Had we played the course before we probably would have had record setting rounds. (Sandi was only 4 shots off her all time best score and if not for the 4 shots in one sand bunker… well you get the idea.) There were definitely a few holes we would have played different if we knew what was up ahead.


But it didn’t matter… we had fun. We were just a two-some and it was nice to just spend some time together without the distractions of other players.


Dinner that night was the result of a recommendation from none other than the Wine Bar owner… the first person we’d meet on our first day. He suggested the Wild Coho… a quant little place Up Town that only had 12 tables and one waitress… but she was as good as three… and we had a great dinner. Pork loin for me… Duck for Sandi… and a nice bottle of Shafer Merlot.


Back at the house we had a little time for some pool and port.


The next morning we came down to breakfast to see 7 place settings. The rumors were true… more guests had arrived. Another great breakfast followed by interesting stories from the older couple about all of their travels… Tahiti, South America, England, Italy, Germany… riding the Orient Express… they really did love to travel. I suggested they try the dinner train in Renton… they need that to round out their journeys.


Sunday was not nearly as nice as Saturday. It had rained all night and in the morning there was still that “sea side drizzle” going on. We had actually planned to play Port Ludlow on the way home, but seeing the rain we decided to leave that for another trip. And since we didn’t have to head south towards Port Ludlow, we decided to take on of the ferries from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island across Puget Sound… then head south on I-5 home.


I don’t know exactly where the Washington State Ferry system ranks, but I have to believe it is one of the largest Ferry Systems in the World. By doing this, our road trip would make a perfect circle… well not perfect, but a circle none the less.


Be sure to check out the pictures in the Photo Album "Road Trip"


All and all… I think the B&B experience was good. At least good enough to give it another try. Maybe not in a 120 year old house… maybe something a little more modern… but we’ll give it another try. Now we just have to decide where the July trip will be taking us…. Walla Walla?