Well it’s another day with golf in it… I’m really just doing it for the exercise!!!
Wednesday is Men’s day at the Club and since it stays dark in the Seattle area until about 10:00PM these days we have no problem getting in 18 holes before dark. Remember the golf god’s comment? Well they did what I said they would. Slapped me silly. Sunday I went out to just play 9 holes… started off great! Bogey, Bogey, Par… ok, not great but pretty good. Then a triple bogey followed by a quad bogey… I think they did that just to make me humble, because the next hole was a birdie… then a par… and finished with a couple of bogeys. That’s 11 over in 9 holes if my math is correct. Not good… but today I will be humble and respectful… and just maybe, just maybe… they’ll let me get back on track.