Ok… I don’t know why I find it so hard to add entries these days, but I do.
So what’s up with me? Well the diet thing has come and past. I’m up 9 pounds since February… of course I haven’t worked out since February either so that could have something to do with it.
My latest interest is golf. Well not just a new interest but more of a resurection of sorts. For years (15?) I have played with a 5 wood off the tee since I can’t seem to hit a driver. Even figured out how to hit it further than most hit drivers… but I’ve got a new driver (Taylormade r5) that is just a hoot to hit. I’ve even gotten it up to 300 yards on occation! When I started out, I still had the occational OB (2 stoke penalty), but I’ve kept at it and yesterday I played 18 holes with no penalties… shot an 84 which is my lowest score in about a year.
Like most golfers, I now think I’ve got the game figured out… and tomorrow the Golf God’s will look down on me and slap me silly! I’ll be lucky to shot a 94. Such is the game of golf.
BTW: I have at least been walking all 18 holes and carrying my clubs, so I am still getting some exercise.