I thought writing a blog would be a piece of cake… hmmm… the Fat Man is always thinking of food! But enough of that, yes writing a blog is not easy. I was amazed that the last time I wrote it had been 15 days, but here I am writing after another 34 days! Only 2 entries in 50 days!


Now you are probably thinking that since I’m not writing, I must have lost my way along the path of weight loss. Well not really. In fact since I started to focus on this weight loss thing (yeah Audra, I know it’s a life style change) I’ve actually done pretty well. If you remember, I began the day after Thanksgiving tipping the scales at 225.4. Well eleven weeks later the scales are reading 208.2! That’s a drop of 17.2 pounds and just slightly above my goal of 1.5 pounds a week.


Plus as an extra bonus, you’ll recall my goal to lose 15 cans of Crisco. (That’s 45 pounds of pure fat if you don’t remember.) Well as of today, I have lost nearly 14 pounds. Just one more pound to go and I will have removed 5 cans of Crisco from my body.


This is going to be a tough weekend for the ol’ diet plan. Turns out the Seattle Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl for the first time in the history of the franchise. That’s 30 years of cheering for 16 regular season games and then packing it up for the playoffs. This year we did it… and this year we’re going all the way! Sure, nobody knows who we are and the entire country is rooting for Pittsburg… but up in the far left hand corner of the United States will be about 4 million of us yelling loud enough for them to hear us in Detroit. So jump on our winning band wagon and yell for the winners… the Seahawks of course.