Well I still haven’t heard from the Lexus dealer. Actually
I did… I called him 3 times. Last time he said he’d call me right
back. That was 5 hours ago so chances are I won’t be hearing from him. Now
mind you, this is a Lexus dealership I’m talking about… not some
used car lot I stumbled into… since when did Lexus service become so bad…
I mean, not even calling back… and you’d think he would have called
on Monday to say “Nope, not in today but we’re still expecting it
tomorrow”. I mean sheesh… this is LEXUS! Wait until JD Powers reads
about this! There goes the customer service award for 2005… and it was so
close to year end too.


Now for New or Used. The whole
rant above was because there was supposed to be a 2002 SC 430 with
30,000 miles coming in on Monday or Tuesday. The price is pretty good. A little
high, but then you can rationalize it with the TRD wheels (supposed to be a
$5,000 upgrade). Only thing is its Silver with Black interior. I’m not
sure how I feel about the Black interior… so I could order a new one with
everything just the way I want it (sans the wheels… could care less about
the TRD wheels). I’d probably still go with the Silver, but would
probably get the “Camel” interior. It’s not the white leather
so it wouldn’t get as dirty and not Black so it wouldn’t get that
hot sitting in the sun… only thing is it is probably about $25,000 more
than the used car. I don’t know… guess I’ll just have to wait
and see the used one when it arrives… assuming they finally get around to
calling me! And if I do go with the new one… I’ll
buy it from someone other than the guy that’s been helping me out…
you’d think buying 2 cars from a guy would buy you some loyalty…


So am in nuts thinking New? Should I just stick with the
Used? And am I being too harsh on the Salesman?