I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last Blog. This one went by pretty fast. Hmmm… wonder what had me so busy. Let’s see… Monday night the Seattle Seahawks kicked some major Philly butt; Tuesday the wife had one of those Big birthdays that women don’t like to mention. I won’t either but let’s just say there was a zero at the end of it; Wednesday was the second day at the Club working out. No, this was NOT my idea and she DID drag me kicking and screaming all the way; Thursday was the second of many holiday parties; and Friday I just veg’d out. Saturday started out as gift buying for my staff and ended with a trip to the Lexus dealer for gift buying for me! No actual purchase yet, but a car is arriving Monday that sounds like it might fit the bill… a very large bill I might add.


I don’t know why buying a gift for people at work is so tough for me. I wish I was one of those people who could just pick up 10 gift cards and be done with it, but Noooo…. I’ve got to examine each person and find something that either recognizes something happening in their life or is related to something they are interested in. I guess there are worse traits to have and when it is all said and done, I’m usually pretty happy with my choices… and I think they appreciate the extra thought I put into it.


EXTRA EXTRA – Fat Man Count Down


For anyone actually following this and wondering how I’m doing, I have to admit I’m doing better than I could have imagined. Today I tipped the scales at 217.4 pounds, which is a drop of 8 pounds. But more importantly, the fat percentage was down to 29.9!!! Woo hoo… broke through the 30’s. That is a drop of 7 pounds of fat!!!


By the way, someone reported on my Crisco comment, remarking that 72 pounds of fat (See Confession) is the equivalent of 24 cans of Crisco. Well we know there is no way you can get to zero fat. But assuming I could ever get to 15% fat, I would have started with an extra 45 pounds which is 15 cans of Crisco… I think I am going to the store to buy 15 cans and put them right here on my desk… imagine the incentive of staring at 45 pounds of fat just sitting there. Then for every 3 pounds I lose, I get to take one can away… and as of right now… I’d be able to remove 2 cans… which is cool.