Why are there so many letters in the word Exercise? This should be one of those 4 letter words!!


As I said to Ryan in the last post… bring it on!!! Ryan wanted to bet with me to see who could lose the most weight in 4 months… but the catch was he didn’t want to start until after the New Year. Well he can continue to pig out and lounge on the couch for another month, but I’m going to keep this going. (That should guilt him into doing something, don’t you think?)


Today the wife and I went up to the Country Club to work out. She didn’t even have to drag me… it was my idea. So for the first day back in the Club… 60 minutes on the tread mill. Nothing fancy, just a continuous 60 minutes with speeds from 3.5 to 5.0 miles per hour… inclines from 0 to 2… like I said, nothing fancy… but the bottom line is I finally got there!


Total stats for the session… 3.9 miles (yeah, I could have done 4 miles, but time was up) and 520 calories burned. (The 500 was my real goal, not the distance) And then for added measure, I did 48 sit ups (no, I could NOT have done 50! As it was my abs were starting to spasm)


Someone told me once there are 3,500 calories in a pound. ARG That means I’d have to do this everyday of the week to lose a pound! I’m not looking forward to that!