Last night I watched the finale for the TV show "Biggest Loser". Man! There were about 5 of the contestants that lost over 40% of their body weight!!!! That is huge. There is no way I could lose that kind of weight. If I dropped 40% of my weight, I think I’d be down to about 135 pounds! Now that would be crazy.
I wonder how much weight I could lose. As I said in the Confession post, I have about 32% fat… IF I could get the fat down to 15% (about half what I have now) and didn’t add any muscle… that would be 180 pounds… a loss of 45 pounds. I wonder if that is really possible.
What do you think? How much weight do you think I should be trying to lose? What’s a realistic goal?
I’m not really sure… but what I do know is I’m not going to lose any weight just sitting here writing about it… at some point I’ll have to get up off my butt and do something! Hmmm… maybe tomorrow would be a good day to start…