Eggs for breakfast, vegetable chili for lunch and a Taco
Time Tostada salad for dinner, and yes I ate the shell… but it was so
light and flakey… couldn’t be THAT bad for you. Fortunately I was
so busy today I hardly had time to think about being hungry. Although as I
think back, I suspect I eat more when I’m bored and less when I’m
hungry. There was one point in the afternoon where I found myself standing in
front of the office snacks and thinking… how did I get here? And what was
it I came to get in the kitchen… Water? Coffee? And then I saw it…
boxes of holiday cookies had arrived! I looked at them for about 5 minutes. So
many varieties and all of them were hand made with loving care… So I
walked back to my office and grabbed my coat and got the hell out of there! Some
days it’s good to be the boss!