Day 2 of the weekend. Whew… I’ve almost made it. Last nights dinner ended up being Lobster instead of steak. Probably would have been better off with the steak as far as calories go cuz what’s lobster without drawn butter. Made it through 5 hours of dinner and socializing with no major carbs! No Bread and No Potatoes! Ok, there was that “extremely small” desert and the 5 glasses of red wine, but no potatoes or bread! (Did I already mention that?)


Seahawk Sunday… drank water and Club Soda, small salad, egg roll, and some peanuts… ok a lot of peanuts. Hey! It’s a football game. The meal should have been hot dogs (plural) and beers (also plural) so give me some credit. And then right at the most stressful part of the game someone stuck a bowl of gummy bears in front of me… so I had about 10 of them. They were the “extremely small” variety… honest.


Isn’t it amazing how making something extremely small makes it ok. Wish someone could make an extremely small sub sandwich with all the fixings.


Tomorrow is a work day. Not an easy place to diet either. Our HR department believes there should be snacks available for employees to grab when they need a quick boost of energy… usually I need a HUGE burst of energy. The problem is their idea of a snack is licorice and M&M’s. Guess it doesn’t matter where I am or what day it is… changing a life style is going to be tough.