Ok… it’s been one day since I decided to admit I was FAT. That’s FAT as in not heavy but FAT… the kind of FAT where you bend over to tie your shoes and it cuts off your air supply… or at least it seems that way to me.


So what did I do to mark this momentous occasion? Did I join a gym? Take a long walk? Get up from my desk and do those sit ups? No way… I sat on my butt and played computer games.  But on the other hand… I only ate the three meals most people eat… Ate NO candy… And I didn’t have ANY ice cream last night! Admittedly, you may not consider my first day very productive. But from my side, I cut down on the calorie intake (I didn’t actually keep track, but with no candy or ice cream let’s just assume I did.) and when I got on the scale I hadn’t gained any weight. So isn’t that progress towards a new life style?


Breakfast at the Club… ham and cheese omlette with fruit. Yeah, not great, but not bad… no hash browns and no toast.


Which was followed up by the round of golf… ok, I rode in a cart… but it’s cart path only and there was plenty of walking and with a score of 96 there was plenty of club swinging too.


Tonight will be a little harder. Tonight is steak night at the Club, so I’m sure there will be Steak (which is ok), potatoes, and bread… Anything with Carb’s seem to be my down fall, so if I can just stay away from the potatoes and bread I should be ok… extra vegetables will be good to eliminate the potatoes… but I don’t know what I’ll do about the bread. And the funny thing is it only takes ONE piece… and then I can’t stop. I’ll eat till the bread basket is empty and then ask for more.


Then there is the WINE. Steak night is an excuse for a wine tasting and I really do love red wine. And that always seems to translate into way too many calories and carbs.


Oh no… I just remembered that this night of beef and potatoes gets followed up with a day at the Seahawk’s football game… Looks like I’m running head first into a wall of Carbs!!! Man it’s hard to change a life style.